I'm Gina. I'm 22. I like reading, animals, feminism, astronomy, the color green,
music of varying genres, human rights, the Simpsons, learning, and riding horses.


note to self: your life will not begin when you lose weight and it will not end if you gain weight. 


dont be a fucking music snob holy crap some people like the beatles others like nicki minaj like shut the fuck up theyre just different types of noises ur not superior for liking one and not the other


Abandoned dog that lived under a dumpster for 11 months is rescued and adopted [x]


I am so thankful for all the dogs in my life


like when beyonce said “i woke up this way: flawless” she’s saying that flawless is not dependent on how she looks at a given moment; by dent of being alive, just by being authentic to herself, she’s flawless. 

not “i woke up with this hair laid and makeup did and decked out clothes”. which is how everyone else apparently interpreted it.

❝ Make no mistake, when school administrators patrol hallways checking out the legs, arms, shoulders and skin of 10- and 11-year-old girls, and micromanaging their appearance, they are objectifying them and encouraging them to self-objectify in the same way that popular media or purity cultures do. ❞

- Soraya Chemaly, School Dress Codes: The Funny-Not-Funny Video You Have to See (via joffi)


Stray cat and lynx


Not the heroes we thought we needed but the heroes we really needed all along

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